You don't know me yet, but the difference I bring to the table is that I am passionate about being effective, I enjoy working hard, I'm a self-starter/entrepreneur, I am a people-person who believes kindness never goes out of fashion, I am a creator at heart, and I am a strategic thinker with a design thinking brain who is not afraid to ask questions that focus a team toward the true goal and real results.

Top skills:

  • Social Media Planning and Writing

  • Spanish

  • Brand development

  • Copywriting

  • Buyer Journey / Customer experience mindset

  • Results-Focused Strategy

  • Process & Product Development

  • Growth Mindset

  • B2B and B2C

  • Creative, Fun Work

  • Interviewing

  • Goal Tracking & Reporting (including Google Analytics)

  • Have a broad enough variety of additional skills and knowledge to make me know that if I can't do it myself I can find someone to do it

Examples of my work



The impact of COVID-19 on foster care in Greenville

I had a hunch that COVID-19 was impacting a lot of children in foster care due to my own experience and conversations with foster families. I did some digging, found my own sources, confirmed with our Greenville County Foster Parent Association, and then pitched it to our local 6am team. No one actually told me to do this - I was just passionate about it.

Creative Photo Story

I planned a Blood Donor Challenge campaign and wrote this creative photo story for a school. This led to breaking the school's record of blood donations. This was so fun! The school had launched a new mascot. I took a photographer and the mascot to a blood bus, wrote the article, and coordinated with two area universities to have a blood donation competition. This led to positive press and community attention:

(External) BJU wins blood drive competition

(Internal) BJU wins blood drive competition

WYFF Interview of school asking for blood donations from alumni / community (not linked)

BJU student awards for associated radio ads and PR campaign


30 Greenville Bloggers You Need to Follow

I co-led the Greenville Bloggers Union for a year. In that year we grew our monthly meet-ups from 0 to about a dozen faithful bloggers. I found and scheduled venues, coordinated meetup invites, identified and invited speakers, presented as an expert, and wrote this article to help not only grow our group but help each of them gain followers. I independently pitched this article to 6am.

Huffington Post

5 Things To Know After You Graduate

I ghost wrote Huffington Post articles when I worked remote for Appleseed Communications, a PR company in NYC.

Journalistic Style Article

Should the goal of foster care be reunification Part I

Should the goal of foster care be reunification Part II

This journalistic style article was written as a result of an emotional interview with a mother whose child was removed from her home and placed into foster care. I was so proud of Marie for sharing her story and wanted to remove the stigma associated with reunification. In this mini-series, I emphasize the need for support.

Public Relations

WYFF Interview

Local foster mom honored. I created an award for a local nonprofit to help encourage retention of foster care workers, created the award process, identified the first recipient, sent a press release to our local news channel, and did a joint virtual interview with the recipient.

WYFF Interview

Upstate Nonprofit Foster Children Need Your Help I helped an annual fundraising campaign shift to virtual for the first time. When I came on, it was being branded as a "10-year anniversary fundraiser". Internally, I changed it to "10-year foster care challenge" and externally I branded it as a "Change Foster Care Challenge". Above all, I wanted us to challenge ourselves to do more and I wanted our brand to be known as the nonprofit that is changing foster care. We exceeded our $150k campaign goal by almost $50k - but I really have to say it was a team effort.

Director of Radio Show

I dabbled in radio, which was a lot of fun. I had a radio show for a semester, was a radio program manager the following semester, and directed a radio show.


Buyer Journey

Customer Experience Journey

I came across several clients that had no clue where their customers were dropping off from the buying process. It was impacting marketing results, but more importantly it was impacting the customer's experience with my clients. I did whatever it took to document the buyer journey - from mystery shopping to documenting first-time website navigation to digging into social chatter about the brand. Then I wrote articles for our agency to assist with more B2B opportunities - which led to doing more buyer journeys.

B2B Brand Post


Using Social Sprout, I discovered trending COVID hashtags in Spanish. I did some additional research and wrote this piece to grow B2B brand credibility for our agency + cross posted on LinkedIn.

B2B Interview Style Article

How can Businesses help Hispanics in 2020?

I conducted a virtual interview and then arranged materials in categories, edited, received her review and approval, and then published this post. This article was then cross posted to LinkedIn where the influencer was tagged, which helped us connect with her network.

Social Media

Social Proof Article

Spanish Facebook Page for Government Entity

Based on my experience creating a Spanish page from scratch for a Government entity, I really enjoyed pulling the results and writing this article. It helped our agency's B2B credibility and was satisfying to see it all come together.

What started as a few posts turned into dozens of posts when I took my DSLR over to a local school and shot a few pictures of the teachers in their element. I wrote about them in a way that matched their tone and they wanted more!


When I started handling social media for several dental clients, I noticed posts were getting published to "check a box" but there was zero engagement. No one was engaging with curated links, ad-like copy, and stock images.


I worked with our graphic designer to create several kid-friendly photo booth prop signs that moms loved. I also developed a system for front desk staff at multiple offices to more easily submit these photos to our coordinator and set up a process for easy publishing. Once I set it up, I did almost nothing with it. Their engagement went from 0 to often 150-300 engagements a post. I also created an internal/external social media guide using these tactics.


I worked with a client who wanted some creative social media ideas.


Knowing how popular cookie decorating was for our target audience, I hired a cookie artist to make cookies that matched the brand. It turned into a social media ad about moms running a zoo and how we aim for each experience to feel as fun as a trip to the zoo.

YouTube Interview of mom who reunified with her child after he was in foster care

YouTube interview of manager who reunites siblings who are separated in foster care

Product / Brand Development

Using Helium10, I found a product idea that could use improvement + was low-cost to ship. I worked with a manufacturer in China through Jing Sourcing to turn a product idea into a coffee spoon rest for sale on Amazon. I created the logo for free in Canva. I bought a backdrop on Creative Market and hired someone on Fiverr to incorporate the coffee spoon rest into the lifestyle photo.

I really enjoyed creating the Simple Family Spanish brand, where make it simple for families to learn Spanish together.

I hired a graphic designer to create the logo and book design, created our website and email automations at, organized the content to a brand-consistent simplicty after my business partner's first draft, and handled the launch strategy/marketing.


This was the first draft of a Spanish curriculum that was given to me. The goal of the brand was simplicity in learning Spanish.


I reorganized the structure and worked with a graphic designer to give it a simple design that matched the Simple Family Spanish brand promise of simplicity.


This was the first draft of a Spanish curriculum that was given to me. The goal of the brand was simplicity in learning Spanish.


I reorganized the structure and worked with a graphic designer to give it a simple design that matched the Simple Family Spanish brand promise of simplicity.

While I may be located in Simpsonville, SC, I'm able to host virtual consulting calls all across the US.

I prefer remote work but am open to travel for on-location work.